updated January 2002

Inside the Halda Twinmaster

Halda logo

Halda TwinMaster and TripMaster

1) Old metal case, satin black finish, old style logo
2) Newer metal case, wrinkle black finish, later logo
3) Plastic case, wrinkle finish.

TwinMaster with cover removed  The guts of the TwinMaster

The cover on the left side is removed with two thumbscrews to gain access to the X and Z gears.
The primary cover is easily removable with a Jewelers screwdriver, but beware of tiny parts.

The X and Z gears

The number of teeth is stamped into the gear

The "X" and "Z" gears are used to correct the distance error. The Gear Carrier is located inside the panel on the left side of the instrument.

The "X/Z" Gear Carrier is easily removable. The X-gear is easy to replace, the Z-gear is not.

The number of teeth is stamped into the face of the gear. The standard X-gear is "141" teeth. The standard Z-gear is "32" teeth.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about Halda Masters:

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