February 2002

Halda Parts and Accessories


Halda Parts and Accessories


T-GEAR - Part of Basic Installation Kit, an 8:1 reduction ratio drive to mount behind speedometer to drive all Halda Instruments.

Available for a variety of applications. See Chart.

Drive cable

DRIVE CABLE - Part of Basic Installation Kit. Cables are available in lengths from 6" to 48", and connect the T-Gear to the Halda Instrument.

Cable clip

CABLE CLIP - Retains cable to T-Gear and instruments.

Extension cable

EXTENSION CABLES - Permit installation of T-Gears where space behind speedometer precludes direct mounting. Available 6" and 12".

Master T-Gear

MASTER INSTRUMENT T-GEAR - A 1:1 ratio T-Drive permitting grouping of additional Master instruments or Speedpilots as shown in Pilot-Master Installation B.

Part #705508.

Master instrument L-Gear

MASTER INSRUMENT L-GEAR - A 1:1 ratio 90° Drive supplied when Pilot Master Installation B is specified.

Part #705512.

Remote drive L-Gear

REMOTE DRIVE L-GEAR - A 1:1 ratio 90° Drive with cable fittings on both inlet and outlet. This is used where a clipboard installation is desired.

Part #705509.


MASTER INSTRUMENT X ADJUSTMENT GEARS - Available in sizes from 118 teeth through 150 teeth for adjustment of Tripmaster and Twinmaster.

Master Instruments come with a 141-tooth X gear.


MASTER INSTRUMENT Z ADJUSTMENT GEAR - Available in sizes 16, 18, 22, 27, 32, 39, 48, 58, 70 teeth for adjustment of Tripmaster and Twinmaster.

Master Instruments come with a 32-tooth Z gear.

Gear Carrier

GEAR CARRIER - This is supplied as part of both Master Instruments. It is available separately for the rallyist who prefers to have pre-assembled gear options to facilitate odometer corrections to rallymasters mileage without adjusting assembly at the odometer check.

Part #380024.

Gear Storage Unit

LEATHER X & Z GEAR STORAGE UNIT - A very handsome heavy leather storage case with a chrome plated assembly for carrying up to 33 X-Gears and one additional Z-Gear, eliminating any risk of the Gears being damaged.

Part #380030.

Master Instrument Bulb

MASTER INSTRUMENT BULBS - Replacement units available 6 and 12 volt. Tripmaster uses one bulb; Twinmaster uses two bulbs.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about Halda Masters:

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