Sports Car Club of America

Sports Car Club of America

The Sports Car Club of America's Performance Rally Board (PRB) and Road Rally Board (RRB) each passed rules during 2000 for Historic Rally classes in the Performance Rally and National Road Rally (TSD) Championships.

Lack of entries during the 2001 and 2002 seasons have spawned several revisions to the Historic Class rules in order to generate more interest. The original alignment with FIA's Appendix K was deemed too restrictive, so a revision was drawn up by Dan Cook and Bill Rhodes, and presented to the PRB in 2002. The PRB felt it was still too restrictive, so it was turned down. The lastest revision was written by Phil Smith and consists of only a few regulations.

Details may be found by clicking on the SCCA logos below.

Click here for latest revision of Historic Class rules.

Click here for RoadRally Historic Class rules.

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