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Around The World In 80 Days Motor Challenge

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Shelby, Montana

Around The World competitors arrived in the continental United States this afternoon, following a run from Banff, Alberta. Teams ran the "Going To The Sun Highway", where they encountered rain, fog, hail, and quite a bit of snow.

Around The World steeds, patiently awaiting another long day on the road.
What with the inclement weather, the broad vistas of Banff and Glacier National Parks were obscured by clouds. In addition, the slippery conditions caused everyone to be late. The Cadillac 62 Coupe of Igor Kolodotschko and David Ellison did the best, losing only one minute. The Ford Mustang with the Irish team of Edmund Holfeld and Justin McCarthy aboard also did well, moving up several places in the standings, now up to third amonst the Classic contingent.

The Clemens / Rinkel M-B 220S. - TW
The Clemens/Rinkel M-B 220S
Kevin Clemens and Mark Rinkel report their Mercedes is slogging along, though the starter is acting up, the transmission is popping out of gear, and there is concern that the head gasket may need replacement. They are meeting Frank Barrett, publisher of THE STAR, the magazine of the Mercedes Benz Club, in Bozeman. Barrett is trying to find a replacement starter for the 1959 220S, or at least new brushes. Clemens hopes to be able to make the transmission repairs in Duluth.

Brake work for one of the Healeys. - TW
The "hard top" Healey gets some early morning brake work.
The Facel Vega 6 of Karsten LeBlanc and Andrew Powell is suffering internal engine woes. They are hoping it is only piston rings, and are arranging for an Austin Healey short block to be installed in Duluth. The Healey Clubs have gotten together to round one up for rebuilding over the next few days.

Several teams, particularly in the Vintage Class, have balked at the amount of gravel roads on the competitive sections when there are paved alternatives to get them to the next town. A few cars have been damaged in single car crashes, including a couple of rollovers. None have been serious, however, and all 40 teams that left Anchorage remain in the event.

The "Sweep" Land Rover. - RJ

Photo by Randy Jokela

Tony Fowkes and Andy Inskip provide service, extraction, and towing from this ex-Camel Trophy Land Rover. Together with the Toyota Land Cruiser of Peter and Betty Benham, they have kept most of the cars in the running.
The Lancia Flavia Coupe of Roberto Chiodi and Maria Degli Esposti was one of those involved in an accident. It continues to run, but due to the possibility that damage from the accident could incapacitate the car, is following only on paved roads and no longer competing in the test sections.

Some other teams whose cars are quite intact have now chosen to shortcut the official course - skipping the competitive sections and taking whatever penalties may come - and continue Around The World as a tour.

Tim Winker

Photos © 2000 by Randy Jokela or Tim Winker

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