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Around the World in 80 Days Motor Challenge


Sir Stirling Moss flags off the Around The World Motor Challenge at the Tower of London.

Photographer unknown

The 1968 Hillman Hunter driven by Freddie and Janet Giles leads the Around The World Rally as of Beijing.

Photographer unknown

A 1960 Rover 80
Photographer unknown

The 1935 Chrysler Airflow "Taxi" of Bill and Kelly Secrest. They are in 5th place among the Vintageant competitors after Beijing.
Photo provided by Team Busch

The 1942 Pontiac Chieftain
Photographer unknown

Several cars negotiate a "detour" in China. Seen are the 1959 Mercedes-Benz 220S of Kevin Clemens and Mark Rinkel and the 1949 Buick Woody Wagon of Pat and Mary Brooks.
Photo provided by U.S. Mercedes Team

The Aston Martin DB2 Coupe of David and Mary Laing has the suspension welded at a hotel parking lot in Turkmenistan. As of Anchorage, they are in 27th place among the Classic & Historic category competitors.
Photo provided by Team Busch

The Healey teams pose at the Great Wall of China.
Photo provided by U.S. Mercedes Team

More photos as they become available.

Send your photos of the Around The World Motor Challenge to

  • We will choose one or two photos a day to add to the site.
  • Photo background should easily identify where it was taken, such as The Great Wall of China or the Watson Lake Signpost Forest.
  • Please send as JPEG (photo.jpg), and scan at 50% compression to reduce file size.
  • File size should be no larger than 1MB (while on the road, we won't have the luxury of fast downloading).
  • Limit photo size to no larger than 600x450 pixels. At 75 dpi, that means roughly 8" by 6".
  • There is no payment, but your name and a link to your e-mail or web site will be included if we use your photo.

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