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Kamloops, B.C.

For those of you that requested the information, the Aston Martin Lagonda now has an engine (courtesy of an Aston Martin owner in Alaska who removed it from his car and shipped it to Prince George), and the car is back in the rally with the Alaskan engine doing the business!

The Rolhf Mercedes has made an ever such a small hole in some Canadian farmers fence and this did not please the aforementioned farmer, but he was paid for it and apart from the time lost all is now well.

The little 2CV Citroen has had another transmission problem after the drain plug fell out (What happened to the lock wire guys? That is why it's fitted!) The passing Chrysler Airflow of Bill Secrest saved the day by loaning the 2CV a gallon of oil that at least let him finish the section. On these event you have to help each other out to get by. Remember that there are over 30 days to go yet!

WANTED; One Austin Healey 3000 engine (short motor would help) for Banff or Duluth. The Facel Vega has problems that could be terminal. In the meantime, they struggle onwards.

John J Black
Waterloo Drivetrain Systems

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