Rick Hintz and Mark Swalley in a classic 1970 Datsun 240Z running the Wild West ProRally, 1999. Photo © by Tim Winker. Dennis and Claire Chizma, 1973 Porsche 911
at Oregon Trail, 2000.  Photo © by Tim Winker.


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  • November 2005

    It has been a couple of years since I have added anything to this site, but the files are still available for viewing. I did not renew the domain name in time (thought I had, but it never went through), and the interest in Vintage Rallying in the U.S. seemed to be waning so I let it drop. I do still have a couple of domain names pertinent to the sport and may revive the site with a new look, but haven't the interest in doing that right now.

    In the meantime, I have come across a couple of things that may be of interest to old timers... and maybe even a few newbies. I have scanned them and converted them to Adobe Reader PDFs.

    1985 Cibie catalog

    December 2003

    Reprints from SPORTS CAR magazine

    Frequent contributor Bill Jonesi found these articles in a February 1961 issue of Sports Car magazine, the monthly publication for members of the Sports Car Club of America.

  • A Rally Glossary by John Meader
  • A Review of Curta Techiques for the Rallyist by John B. Burns
  • November 2003

    Ultimate Garages

    Hendrik Blok's Plymouth Arrow. Photo by Phil Berg
    Hendrik Blok's Plymouth Arrow.
    Photo by Phil Berg.
    Long time friend and ex-rally photographer Phil Berg has just had his first book published. It is called Ultimate Garages and it looks at some showcase garages that are nicer than most homes. You can order it at the right from, or order a signed copy via the web site The web site also has more information about the book.

    Phil and his "ever reliable Press Beetle" were a fixture at SCCA PRO Rallies in the early 1980s when John Buffum was driving for Triumph and Audi, and Rod Millen was the primary competition in a Mazda. Berg provided photos to many magazines, and became known as "Fisheye" for his use of a wide-angle lens for close-up action. He parlayed that experience into jobs with AutoWeek and Car-and-Driver. He now does freelance work from his home near Ann Arbor, Michigan.

    April 2003

    Curta Calculator Reference by Rick Furr

    Several updates, including a section on disassembly of a Curta, all 600 parts! Order a poster which shows a detailed layout of the inner workings of Curt Herzstark's amazing machine!

    March 2003 Web site on Heuer rally clocks:

    As always, your photos and stories are appreciated. Fans of Vintage Rallying throughout the world stop by to visit every day to check up on what's new in the sport. Hope to see you at a Vintage Rally soon!

    Tim Winker

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