October 2001

Sandusky Valley Vintage Rally 2002

Sandusky Valley Vintage Rally

May 17-19, 2002

The Spring Gathering of the Faithful of the Ohio Chapter of the New England MG T Register in conjunction with the Detroit Region of the SCCA will feature a Time-Speed-Distance rally designed to appeal to the vintage rally enthusiast. The event weekend will be May 17-19, 2002, with the estimated 150 mile rally to be run on Saturday, May 18. The rally will be a full TSD rally, generally run to SCCA TourRally rules. The event will be headquartered in Upper Sandusky, Ohio, at the junction of US 30 and 23. Tentative routing for the rally is through Wyandot, Hancock, Crawford and Seneca counties, utilizing only paved roads. Speeds will be kept to a comfortable pace.

All vintage rallyists are invited to participate in this event. Two classes of competition will be offered. Stock class will be for cars using only stock odometers and having no time-distance integrating equipment attached to the car. Equipped class will be for all other competitors. In keeping with the vintage spirit of the rally, all odometers and calculators must be mechanical. Cars from model year 1976 and earlier (MGB and MG Midget through 1980) of all marques are invited to participate. Sports cars built prior to 1970 are particularly encouraged to compete in this event. As this is planned as a celebration of vintage rally, suitable contemporary equipment and markings are encouraged.

The Rallymasters for the event are Phil and Dallas Smith, experienced vintage rallyists. They currently campaign the oldest car in SCCA ProRally, a 1968 MGBGT, featured at the website Future updates about the Sandusky Trail Vintage Rally will be posted at this website, as well as distributed to other vintage rally interest sites. For further information, Email the rallymasters at

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