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Around The World In 80 Days Motor Challenge

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Newark, New Jersey

It was supposed to be an easy run from Binghamton, NY, to Newark, NJ, but rallyists found themselves trying desperately to stay ahead of the average speed necessary to clear the section. The route headed south out of Binghamton into Pennsylvania's Endless Mountains (that's what the sign said) and still more tight, twisting, but paved, roads. Road construction also held rally cars up for up to ten minutes at a time, adding to the anxiety of whether the target times could be met. Some of the front runners reported they were driving very hard and exceeding the speed limits to keep up.

Several of the Vintageants await the day's start in Binghamton.Eventually the roads opened enough that they could catch back up to time and not incur a penalty coming into the lunch break at Port Jervis, New York. The break was at an inn along the Delaware River where it forms the boundary between New York and Pennsylvania. It was a very relaxed setting, the river little more than a wide stream and moving slowly at this point with a cliff rising on the west shore of the river, and rallyists were wishing for a much longer break there. Freddy Giles took advantage of the site for a quick post-lunch "paddle".

The Secrests in Ted's Taxi have moved up to 3rd in the Vintageant category. From there the route went into New Jersey, and as the rally got closer to New York City, the density of population went up rapidly. Several teams were stopped by the local constabulary for running too briskly, some of those were saddled with citations for running afoul of local regulations, plus penalties for checking in late at the final control of the day.

Richard Newman was approached by a local policeman while he answered nature's call and threatened with a ticket for indecent exposure in a public place. He later said he came up with several smart answers but wisely kept them to himself.

The Holfeld/McCarthy Mustang continues in 3rd place among the Classics. While there were no real tests, the fatigue factor hit two more cars today: The 1929 Bentley Speed Six of Helmut Karbe and Donald Sevart, the eldest car still running, succumbed to a failure of the distributor drive and arrived via flatbed. The Ciriminna/Vartholomeos Fiat apparently suffered an internal engine failure and also required the hauler to get it to Newark. Both cars received maximum penalties for the day, including 720 minutes for missing most of the route. That drops the Fiat from 3rd to 6th in the Vintageant Category.

Several teams that have gone missing for a few days rejoined the group: The Noors in the Mercedes 250SE Cabriolet, Brian Rhatigan and Rachel Kiely in the Mercedes 220SE Coupe, and Joseph Capristano and Jose Pimental in the Bentley R-Type had left the route a few days prior to spend that time instead in New York City or Chicago.

Shined up and lined up, ready for the drive to Newark Airport.
Shined up and lined up, ready for the drive to Newark Airport.
It looks like all the ducklings are back together for the air lift to Morocco on Saturday. They have a chance to make some repairs on Friday and most will be doing just that, however, many will be joining Ray Carr at his home a few hours away for an afternoon garden party. Ray is providing a motor coach to transport his Around The World friends to his place in Pennsylvania.

Tim Winker

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