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Around The World In 80 Days Motor Challenge

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Niagara Falls, Ontario

Today began with a cross country run from Bay City to Port Huron, Michigan, prior to the border crossing into Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. Rally officials allowed for the possibility of heavy traffic at the crossing due to the Canadian and U.S. Independence Day holidays. A Timing Control was set up on the Canadian side, but was in a difficult place to see and some teams missed the turnoff. Once again, local auto buffs showed up to wish the rallyists well and to take photos.

Team Busch checks in to the Timing Control at the Canadian border.
Team Busch checks in to the Timing Control at the Canadian border.
The route then ran south to Wallaceburg for a Passage Control, then to lunch in Glencoe. The #99 Mustang of Holfeld and McCarthy missed the Timing Control at the border and were sent back to check in properly, adding nearly an hour to their travel time. Unfortunately in their haste to make the time back, they ran afoul of the law when they rolled through a stop sign near the lunch break. The Moraults' #63 Peugeot 404 Coupe suffered a throttle cable failure at the Passage Control and spent about a half hour repairing it with the help of other rallyists.

Replacing the throttle cable on the Peugeot.
Several competitors helped to replace the throttle cable on the Peugeot.
The route then headed south again along Lake Erie's north shore before arriving in Niagara Falls. Several teams missed that the final Timing Control of the day was not at the hotel and picked up more penalties. As some teams have realized they are well out of the running and unlikely to move up more than a position or two, they have taken to shortcutting the daily route, sticking to the main roads to get to the next overnight stop.

The Penguin Car also features Flying Fishes and palm trees.
The Penguin Pontiac also features flying fishes and palm trees.
The French team in the 1942 Pontiac - a.k.a. The Penguin Car - made a side trip today to Pontiac, Michigan, to visit the birthplace of their steed. No word on whether it caused any stir amongst officials of the automotive giant.

Preparing for major surgery on the 2CV. With a rest day coming up, several cars are getting attention once again. Richard Newmans's Citroen 2CV is stripped from the front bumper back as it is getting transmission work and switching from disc to drum brakes. The Fiat Millicento was on the trailer again with more rear axle problems. Those whose cars need only maintenance are planning trips to visit The Falls and surrounding tourist facilities.

Tim Winker

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