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Around The World In 80 Days Motor Challenge

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Jamestown, North Dakota

Here, Rover. Another day for rallyists to experience the awesome beauty of America, beginning with a drive through the Badlands National Park. The Badlands get their name from the formidable terrain that humans have found nearly impassable going back to ancient times.

From there it was a long drive across the prairie to Pierre for lunch. The route took rally cars across the Missouri River at the Oahe Dam, then along the Lewis and Clark Trail paralleling the east bank of the river as they headed toward North Dakota. The Dakotas are farmland, providing grain crops and beef cattle to America and the world. There are several farmers among the competitors, and they were amazed at the size and scope of farming operations in this part of the world.

The Buick Woody in the Badlands Local car enthusiasts were out by the hundreds as teams arrived in Jamestown. Many brought their own restored.and customized machines for the rallyists to view.

Crossing the Missouri River via the Oahe DamNot all teams made the trek across the Dakotas. The Aston Martin Lagonda of Chris Claridge-Ware and Stephen Morley-Ham was in the care of Tony Fowkes and Andy Inskip, getting a new head gasket installed. This is the same car that received a replacement engine from an enthusiast in Anchorage. The engine had not been run in some time, and it apparently had overheated before settling in to reliable running. That reliability began to deteriorate as they crossed Montana, and was definitely missing on one cylinder by the time they reached Rapid City. Claridge-Ware is also recovering from a viral infection, apparently the result of an insect bite. Doctors have told him to rest for several days, but he is expected to rejoin the rally with his car.

Roadside repairs for the Fiat.The Jaguar XK140 Coupe of Dominicus Meeus is completing repairs in Bozeman following a rollover in Montana. Both the Lagonda and the Jag are expected to catch up to the group in Duluth.

Needing attention on the road today was the Fiat Millicento of Francesco Ciriminna and Stelios Vartholomeos, which burst a brake line. The ubiquitous sweep found them alongside a desolate country road in South Dakota and made a new line with parts and tools carried on board.

Tim Winker

Car enthusiasts showed up in force in Jamestown

Yes, a Cushman!!!

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