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Around The World In 80 Days Motor Challenge

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Rapid City, South Dakota -- Another long day, but fairly relaxed, as the route took the Around The World teams past the Custer Battlefield in Montana, Devil's Tower in Wyoming, and the Crazy Horse Monument and Mount Rushmore in South Dakota. Cool, rainy weather kept views of these national treasures from perfection; Crazy Horse and Mount Rushmore were even obscured by clouds when many of the competing teams arrived. Organizers reported that the clouds came and went, so some did get to see the mountain sculptures of the great Indian warrior and the four presidential faces.

The Hunts in their Healey 3000, before the rains came The rain came down heavily as rallyists made their way from lunch in Broadus, Montana, to Devil's Tower, depositing sufficient water on the roadway to make hydroplaning a problem. It made life particularly miserable for those in open cars, and several were seen to be attempting to raise the canvas tops before everything got soaked.

There was one test, a gravel section that started near the entrance to Devil's Tower. All of the teams picked up some penalty points due to slippery conditions brought about by the day's rain. Quickest in the Classic category was the Mustang of the Flying Irish, Edmund Holfeld and Justin McCarthy who collected three minutes, followed by the Giles' Hillman at four minutes and several teams with five and six. Igor Kolodotschko in the V121 Cadillac was quickest among the Vintageant teams, with one minute.

Tim Winker

Tony Fowkes and Freddie Giles seen in a rare moment together. Tony drives the sweep Land Rover and spends much time keeping the ailing rally cars running; Freddy's Hillman has been running at the front of the pack since early in the rally and has needed little of Tony's attention.
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